Book word analysis

This Android app is part of a project of performing text mining on works of 27 prominent authors. In addition, it displays over 300 beginning lines from various literary works written by over 100 authors.

The following are some of the questions that can be answered by using the app:

  1. Who are the authors whose word usage is most similar to that of a specific author ?
  2. Conversely, which authors are the most different from a specific author ?
  3. Find groups of authors showing high similarity to each other
  4. Style: Which author uses a certain word more often (‘presently’) ?
  5. How rare or common is the usage of a specific word ?
  6. Which authors use French / Spanish / Latin etc. ?
  7. Propensity of authors for using a specific color (what is the color mentioned the most by Virginia Woolf?)
  8. Historically, when was a word first used ? Does it appear in Shakespeare / Old Testament (KJV) ?
  9. Conversely, which authors mention new technology or new words ?
  10. Which authors mention a specific geographical location or people ?
  11. Which authors use certain animal names more frequently ?
  12. Usage of words denoting a specific mood
  13. Style: Usage of common words (the, an)
  14. Usage of numbers, when spelled as words
  15. Usage of specific first names
  16. Words used by only one author
  17. Conversely, words used by all authors
  18. Usage of food related terms
  19. Usage of marine terms
  20. Usage of specific work activities
  21. Usage of legal terms
  22. Which authors mention a pecific flower or other botanical terms
  23. Usage of words starting with a specific letter sequence (‘qu’)
  24. Which authors mention a specific historical figure ?
  25. Usage of religious terms
  26. Is it possible to detect if the writer is male or female, based on word usage ?

Additional capabilites are available but have not been incorporated yet into the app:

  1. Given an anonymous text, determine which author or book has the most similar word usage
  2. Compare word usage between any two texts

The app can be installed from Google play store: