Rare German card models – 3


Uberall Dabei

During the 1950’s, a number of yearbooks for youth, called ‘Uberall Dabei’ (everywhere) were published in West Germany by the Bertelsmann publishing house. Each book included a card model.

The book I acquired is from 1955/1956 and includes a model of the Lockheed Super Constellation in TWA scheme.

The model is pretty simple but is printed on quality paper, especially the silvery color.

In order to keep the book intact, I scanned the model and built it from the scan.


This is one of the lesser known German model publishers.

‘Avia Verlag’ from Aachen was founded in1953 and published at least 22 model airplanes. I purchased two: F-84 and F-86. They are high quality models. I built copies in order to preserve the rare originals.

Additional details about this model designer can be found in the book series ‘ Zur geschichte der  kartonmodellbaus’ (history of card models) published by the AGK association. The book are in German and contain deep research about a large number of card model designers:


The models are in 1:33 and sometimes 1:40 scale. Among the interesting models: Mystere-4, B-58, B-66.