Rare German card models – 2

KRANICH series by Junge Welt publishing house

This 1960’s East German series included a large number of high quality models. I am aware of at least 30 airplane models as well as vehicles, buildings and ships.

The models are mostly in 1:50 scale and some include shiny foil sheets.

A partial list of airplane models:






Baade152, I-16, LA-5, L-60, MI-6, SU-9, Boeing-707

Among the more unusual models : Komsomolez, the world’s first sport jet, and XL-1, avertical takeoff plane that was probably imaginary…

Previous model series

Prior to the KRANICH series, the same publisher issued a series of models under the title ‘AUSSCHNEIDEBOGEN’. The KRANICH models are apparently a newer version of these models. My only source of information on this subject stems from items offered for sale on Ebay. In summary, it seems that East german youth did not lack low priced, good quality card models.

Model names

In the two series there are cases where models weren’t identified by their correct name but by a general name. For example: ‘Nachtjager’ (night fighter, apparently YAK-25), ‘All weather heavy fighter’ (probably TU-128). Also, at least two models had a wrong name (the MiG-25 was published as MiG-23). Additionally there were two seemingly imaginary models (XL-1 and ‘Delta jet fighter’).

Models reprints

During the 1990’s and 2000’s, some of the KRANICH models were reprinted, with modifications, by the CFM Verlag publishing house from Munich. These models aer obviously less rare and less expensive.

Baade-152, an East German passenger plane